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Car / Vehicle Magnets & Magnetic signs
Car / Vehicle Magnets
The perfect way to promote your business wherever you go. Brand your cars, vans or trucks. Switch vehicles if you like, personal or business vehicles. Also good for trailers, construction equipment or rental gear. So easy to apply and remove. Weather Resistant - lasts for years!

Featuring high quality, full color printing of any image, photo or text!
Unlike our competitors we exclusively use high-intensity, lightweight magnetic media. There is no longer any need for the thick heavy magnets, which can damage surfaces more easily. Ours are thinner, more eye-appealing and lighter but with no magnetic force sacri ced.

Any size is available but our our standard sizes and prices are shown below. As vehicle magnets are most often purchased in pairs, so you have signs on both sides of the vehicle, or with a third to place on the back.  

We always recommend cleaning the surface of the vehicle before applying the magnet to prevent any chance of surface scratches from dirt/dust particles. It is also recommended to remove magnets before washing your vehicle.

Magnetic signs
Used for outdoor signage, warehouse signs, industrial equipment, directional signs. These are also commonly used for Safety and Warning signs. So easy to apply, wherever you have a steel surface to receive a magnetic sign. Any size is available but our our standard sizes and prices are shown below. Durable and washable they are made to last!

Pricing for common sizes:
                           Individually             Pair
12” x 18”             $27.50                   $52
12” x 24”             $33.50                   $62
18” x 24”             $37.50                   $71
18” x 30”             $56.50                   $108